To Exist or to Live?

I decided to post this write-up too because I realised my introduction didn’t really give a good enough feel of the type of writer I’m gonna be on this blog. The introduction was an intro to me but this is going to be an intro to my writing. Enjoy!


Before I say anything serious, I want to ask a little favor of you…

…Dude create a bucket list!!!!!
Well, not necessarily a list of things you want to do before you die, but maybe before a certain period of time ends, say summer? Make that bucket list anyway and do every d*mn thing you listed!!

Okay, on to the serious stuff 😐
I recently started to define words my own way. You know? be my own dictionary? So once in a while, I’ll be giving you my definition(s) of certain words just so there’s a clearer understanding of my text.
To exist: To be in the universe.
To live: To cherish every moment; to explore; to appreciate the little things; to allow one’s self to experience; to experience even; to take note of the tiny details; to love; to laugh; to be inquisitive; to be adventurous. My list goes on and on and I would continue but I’m trying to make my articles as conveniently concise as possible.
Now that you have a sort of understanding of the earlier defined terms, you can probably answer the following question: Do you live or do you exist?
Wait pause…

…Make that bucket list!! For real!!
Especially if, from the definitions given, you think you only exist.

Okay people. Let’s go into thinking mode.
What are those activities that completely liberate you and give you a sense of security and a sudden control over your life? When I say control, I don’t mean having your whole life planned out and sticking to that boring plan. I mean having authority over the decisions you make; I mean knowing what you really want and going for it. For me, I feel some sort of serenity and control when I listen to really tasty satisfying music and I feel a sense of freedom when I sing and draw. I feel satisfied when I solve Math and Physics problems too! Figure out what activities are your kind of thing and engage yourself in them.
What are those activities that make you feel happy and peaceful? Where are those places you wanna travel to? What exactly do you want to experience and get from life? (Please leave ‘wealth’ out of this – money brings a short-lived happiness. You sorta grow used to your wealth and then BAAM!!!! you want something more, you want true satisfaction).
Remember this is a thinking process. You should think of answers to these questions and maybe even write them down.
You really need to know those things you’re passionate about and stick to them because when you do, you’ll see yourself permanently leaving that phase of mere existence. Oh and you can use some of your answers to the questions I asked to make a bucket list.
I just really want you all to know that…before you know it, your joints are gonna be hurting and you’ll have grandkids running around. So do not let life pass you by, let it pass through you instead!

I decided many months ago that I wanted to see the best in everything and everyone. I began to continually search for beauty in everything until i didn’t have to search anymore. The beauty was just…there!. It became so obvious and so enlivening. Well you could say, “But war cannot be beautiful”. Well of course it isn’t, it’s really ugly! But if you look closer, you see loyalty in the soldiers fighting the war. You see an array of inexplicable boldness and strength. You see a beautiful display of hope and a strange kind of love. Do you see those things?
Causing everything to be beautiful in your eyes is another great way to actually live! Remember my definition of living? It’s a great way to be engaged in your surroundings and to appreciate a lot more than you can imagine!
Don’t spend time being angry about the bad stuff. Instead look for that hidden beauty in them and with time, that beauty just shines in your face. It doesn’t stay hidden.
Life is too short I tell ya!! Replace all that ugly stuff with beauty!!
Live people! Don’t just exist.

Peace. x


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