The Rules

To hell with all the rules!
They limit us. They destroy us. They make us fake.
Why do we choose to stick to them and not have freedom instead?
Do not be deceived, your life is yours, not the rules’ nor whomever made them.
Go against the rules. Defy the norms. Of course, if that’s really what you want to do. If living by the rules is what you really prefer, not because you want to obey them but because you would’ve lived in line with the rules even if they didn’t exist; then please, by all means, do.
But if not, do not be caged and fooled by them.
Set yourself free and breathe!
Yep, dye your hair green if you please. Silver even! It’s your hair
Fall in love, get heart-broken and yet, fall in love again.
Live life like there were no rules! Do whatever you want!
The rules are deceitful! They’re blinding.
Imagine a world without rules that tell us the kind of person to date;
rules that tell us how to look or how to live our own lives.
To hell with the image of an ideal life journey; go to high school, college, work, get married, have children, and make them experience the exact same life.
Why can’t we see that there’s something wrong with these norms? Why can’t we see that we’re like machines doing the same thing over and over again for centuries.
Change is what this world needs.
A change of mind sets, a change of ideas and an end to rules.
Disregard the rules, they should have no say in your life.
They’re mere rules, made by mere humans.
Who are humans to tell other humans what to do and what not to do?
Every human has a right to make the rules in his or her own life.
To hell with these rules that imprison your mind.
The rules are false.
The rules are a myth.

Peace. x



  1. StankFunk · July 13, 2015

    Preach! 👏 Awesome write up. Very inspiring. Keep it up 👊

    Liked by 1 person

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