Passion Is Me

If you ask me to describe passion, I’ll be tempted to say, “me”.
I feel and see so deeply, everything I do or say seems exaggerated.
Whatever I feel, be it love, hate, anger, joy, I feel on a different level, I feel wholly.
You see people walking around you, I see lives walking around me. You see a
movie, I see creativity. You dance to music, I feel music.
I am not ordinary but I act like I am because I need to communicate and not
scare people away. All my life, I’ve only met one human whose depth of soul
I admire and whose level matches mine; her name is Temi.
She is poetic from her soul and she doesn’t keep anything back. She says it all.
I want to say it all, but I hide and I get so filled up with all these wonderful
thoughts and they just die inside me.
Passion is what I am; no one sees it but I feel it.
If you are like me, then you hear these a lot; “dude it’s not that serious”,
“it’s not that deep”,”Why so personal?” These statements or questions drive you into your shell. They cause you to hide how amazing you are, how brutally true you are.
Please do not fall victim. Passion is beautiful; let it out. Let your soul out.
The world needs people who take things personal, people who see beyond the ordinary.
The world needs more people like us. Don’t hide.