This Someone

Sometimes, you want to be strong,
but you settle for weakness cause you know…
this someone will ask, “what’s wrong?”
It becomes easy to be dependent and you ask yourself,
“why do I have to be strong?”
Strength becomes a hindrance or an enemy, somewhat, because…
It’s so easy to lose yourself in this someone,
and to trust and to rely and to quit trying.
But in the end, what are you defined by?
You want to be defined as enlivening, as strengthening.
Sometimes, you want to be strong,
you…you want to be unbreakable;
but you settle for weakness cause you know…
this someone won’t let you think you’re breakable.
You hide in this someone because in him,
you don’t have to face your fears.
You hide in him cause he’ll protect you no matter what;
he won’t let you feel pain or loneliness.
But these are things you want to feel and grow used to because…
they are real, they are life; they are what will define you.
They are what will make you but this someone…
This someone can’t stand to see you feel these things because…
you are his gem; his diamond that he has to keep safe.
So it’s easy; so easy to settle for this luxury of dependency but
sometimes you have to wake up and realize, you are actually alone.
You need to be and stand for yourself.
You need to be strong for you.
You need to feel; feel as much as possible so you become indestructible.
But this someone can’t understand that sometimes,
you need to let go of ‘easy’ and face ‘difficult’.
Sometimes you need to become vulnerable and unprotected to be strong;
To be who you truly want to be.