Doubts Arising

I am starting to realize that everything I know or am taught could easily be a lie.
I am starting to be skeptical about everything, asking questions and doubting a lot.
We are born into this strange world where certain rules and beliefs are already in place.
Imagine how limiting that is. Imagine we were born and asked to figure things out ourselves; that is, figure out what works and what doesn’t. Imagine the countless ideas and extraordinary things we, as humans, would’ve brought to life. We are in chains and we don’t realize it. Who decides what’s acceptable and what’s not? Where are these decision makers? The acceptability of something starts from somewhere, from someone or a group of people.  It starts small and grows over centuries till it becomes a culture the whole world accepts. The people who were born into the black slavery era didn’t know of a world without slavery. They were born into this terrible period of hate and were forced to take part in it. The same way you might seriously disagree with slavery because of how disgusting it is, is the same way the world in generations to come might thoroughly hate how much we incarcerate people right now. I feel like I’m drifting but I just wish we could all have a chance to think for ourselves and not be forced to learn a way of life that one fateful day, a group of people decided was the right way.
I am beginning to think of so many possible states the world could be in right now and it’s mind blowing. We’re so much better than conforming to an institutionalized world with unrealistic standards and absolutely no access to truth. There’s a lot in us and we’re literally taught to be blind to that and to concentrate on what humans like us decided was worth living for.
There’s so much to learn, and at the same time, unlearn. There are so many lies we are born into and we need to realize that and step into our own truth since no one’s gonna offer truth to us.